Our Covid-19 safety measures facilitate the safe inspection of PRS dwellings as per the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) 2019

Covid-19 Measures

In the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic every business in Ireland responded to the significant challenges that Covid-19 caused. 

A number of public health measures remain in place until 28 February 2022, after which things are likely to be reviewed. In the meantime, our comprehensive safety measures facilitate the safe inspection of PRS dwellings as per the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) 2019.

Inspex recommends that our Inspex Inspection Team and occupiers of rental properties follow the HSE guidelines for protecting yourself, in relation to physical distancing, personal hygiene, respiratory hygiene and coughing/sneezing etiquette.

Home Occupier

The Inspex Inspector needs external and internal access throughout a rented property, please consider and let us know in advance whether;

  1. Any person living in the property has been suffering from any symptoms in the 72 hours before an inspection takes place
  2. Any persons visiting the property has been known to have symptoms at present or within the last 72 hours before an inspection takes place
  3. The dwelling in which the inspection is being carried out, is one in which Covid-19 could be present or at a higher risk (Hospital, Doctor’s Surgery, Health Centre, Nursing Home, etc.)

Inspex Inspector

While our Inspector is working in an occupied rental property please consider the following;

  1. As we respect current HSE guidelines on physical distancing, occupiers of the rented property should not shake hands with an Inspector on arrival at or departure from the property
  2. Where possible, occupier(s) of a property and in particular vulnerable persons, should re-locate to a different room while the room-by-room inspection is being carried out
  3. Where the accommodation does not permit a person to move into a different room, the recommended social distance – 2 metres – from the Inspex Inspector must be maintained
  4. Once Inspex has left the premises and where considered necessary, surfaces that have been touched may be disinfected
  5. If there are specific Covid-19 queries or questions, please refer to HSE guidelines

Inspection Team Measures

Before entering

  1. Hands will be sanitised
  2. Face masks will be worn
  3. Disposal gloves will be worn, hands will be sanitised before disposal gloves are put on
  4. Physical distancing – 2m – will be maintained between the Inspector and other people while working in and around the property

On exiting

  1. Gloves will be sanitised
  2. Face masks will be removed
  3. Disposal gloves will be removed & disposed of in waste facility provided
  4. Hands will be sanitised after gloves are removed

MUD & Apartments

Before entering

  1. Common sense will be used when navigating high-traffic areas like lobbies, stairs and elevators
  2. Stairs will be taken when possible, otherwise safe elevator etiquette will be observed