Logo for Irish Refugee Council (IRC) who engages the Inspex team to undertake a proactive inspection programme of its nationwide properties

IRC Proactive Inspection

The 1951 Refugee Convention outlines the rights of people that are displaced, to seek asylum from persecution in other countries as well as the legal obligation of states to protect refugees, considered by many to be among the most vulnerable people in the world.

The Irish Refugee Council (IRC), formally set-up in 1992, provides support and services to refugees and people seeking asylum in Ireland.

The Community Sponsorship Ireland initiative enables local communities to play an active role in the integration of families and individuals resettling in Ireland.

People resettling under Community Sponsorship Ireland are registered as refugees by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and are invited by the Irish Government to Ireland under the Irish Refugee Resettlement Programme.

With the support of the IRC, a Community Sponsorship group provides support for one family that has been invited to Ireland under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme.

Working in collaboration with the IRC and Community Sponsorship Groups, Inspex undertakes proactive inspection of properties nationwide to ensure the properties meet the required accommodation standards.

Inspex continues its collaboration with the IRC supporting this housing initiative that makes an important and worthwhile difference in people’s lives.