Government policies and initiatives aim to strike a balance between landlord and tenant interests while ensuring the availability of quality rental housing.


Navigating Financialisation

Inspex Team Appointed

IRC Proactive Inspection

Concrete Plans

Inspex Team Reappointed

Inspex Team Reappointed

Fair Procedures

Built For Profit

Fire Safety Week 2021

RTB/ESRI Q2 2021 Rent Index

No Place Like Home

No Quick Fix

A New Level of Complexity

RTB/ESRI Q1 2021 Rent Index

The Wider Context

Rent Stabilisation Measures

Equity Brings Conformity

Virtual Consultation Service

Changing Dynamics

Where Are We Now?

Into the Unknown

A Changing Landscape

Residential Tenancies Act 2020

An Important Factor

Striking A Balance

Containing the Impact

Raising the Stakes