While regulations set the stage, enforcement provides the action to ensure objectives are met. If not enforced, regulations cannot achieve intended goals.


A Delicate Balance

Navigating Financialisation

Inspex Team Appointed

IRC Proactive Inspection

Concrete Plans

Inspex Team Reappointed

Inspex Team Reappointed

Fair Procedures

Built For Profit

RTB/ESRI Q2 2021 Rent Index

No Place Like Home

No Quick Fix

A New Level of Complexity

RTB/ESRI Q1 2021 Rent Index

The Wider Context

Rent Stabilisation Measures

Equity Brings Conformity

Virtual Consultation Service

Changing Dynamics

Where Are We Now?

Into the Unknown

A Changing Landscape

Residential Tenancies Act 2020

An Important Factor

Striking A Balance

Containing the Impact

Raising the Stakes